Case Studies

Client: Penguin Random House
The challenge – To relate International Day of Yoga and reading to engage with the readers of Penguin Random House.

The strategy – Come up with an interesting campaign that connects with the readers and yet communicates the very essence of the occasion being the International Day of Yoga.



Client: Manforce Condoms
The challenge – Creating visibility for Manforce Condoms at Shri Ram College of Commerce, Delhi University without associating the brand with the ‘Taboo word: Sex’.

The strategy – Create topical content that talks about the challenge of getting an admission at Shri Ram College of Commerce and comparing that to the high chances of getting an STD.



Client: Penguin Random House
The challenge – Create buzz by sharing content around Penguin Random House authors attending the Jaipur Literature Festival 2016.

The strategy – Rebrand the Penguin logo and digital creatives in the Jaipur Flavour, live tweet from the author sessions and stream professional quality photos for the social media audiences.



Client: HTC
The challenge – Creating a buzz in the twittersphere about the launch of a new smartphone with absolutely no ad spends.

The strategy – Create hype about the launch as teasers which generate curiosity in the minds of the consumers before the launch.

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Prega News – A pregnancy test stick brand

Challenge – A woman would have inhibitions in engaging with/being associated to a “pee stick” brand, on social media!

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Cambridge University Press India 

Challenge – Creating a community for teachers in India and building a brand connect with the target audiences.

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Rangriti (An ethnic womenswear brand) – Mother’s Day Campaign: #CelebratingMom

Challenge – Engaging with women (the primary target audiences) and connecting with them on an emotional level with communication relating to a fashion brand.

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Prega News – #PlayDressUp contest

Challenge – Having a high involvement contest which meant the audiences had to put in time and efforts in order to qualify as a participant.

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Penguin Random House India – At Jaipur Literature Festival 2015
Challenge – Reaching out to maximum people organically, with conversations happening around Jaipur Literature Festival 2015, Asia’s largest free literary festival.



Penguin Random House India – #GraphicNovels Twitter contest trends in India


The challenge – Engaging the audiences in a week long contest around comics.




World Book Day – Penguin Random House India

Challenge – Increase reach and exposure organically, getting noticed on World Book Day, when brands were heavily advertising globally too.

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Prega News – Celebrating Motherhood on Mother’s Day 

Challenge – Breaking communication barriers and having maximum people engage with a “pee stick” brand on Mother’s Day.

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Penguin Random House India – #DanBrownLecture trends in Mumbai!


The challenge – Creating an impact among the Twitterati, at the most prestigious cultural event of 2014, by Penguin Random House India, The Penguin Annual Lecture by Dan Brown.